Since I don’t use Spotify or many apps that utilise year in reviews for music, I’ve had to make my own in iTunes ( Around 2010 I lost a lot of my play counts, and so in 2020 I decided at the turn of every decade I’d “favourite” the top songs of that decade and reset all the play counts back to zero to start anew.

That’s all fine and dandy for each decade, but how does one check each year? I still don’t have a good way to do that, but this year I decided to add another variable to the mix. So since I’m not posting this to social media, here’s me logging my 2023 top music.

Standard top-played music that is “often played”
New playlist that shows the top-played music added this year, “often played”

And there we have it! Since my most often played music is basically always just my most played songs ever (since January 2020) checking what I played of all my new music is a good second metric. This doesn’t cover everything, such as if I just found an old song I loved again, but typically when I find new music it’s music I _really_ want to listen to I listen to it a lot. If I find myself playing the music video a lot, I typically need to buy it or download it so I can play it whenever and wherever.

I was debating adding the “top 10 songs” to my favourites, but I couldn’t bring myself to add several versions of Idol/Oshi no Ko music to it (did I even do that last year? Can’t remember). That said as much as I love Idol and Faust, they aren’t songs I’m into 24/7/365. I think of my 25k+ songs, less than 100 have made that list of songs that I’m into regardless of where I am physically and mentally. Mentality is the the strong half.