My name is Ryan Hammett, known to many as Larke, and I am a graduate of York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Creative Writing. If we’re keeping count, I was only one class away from a Math minor… I like writing more anyway. I currently work at ParadoxLabs as a Back End Developer where I offer technical support and dig deep into Magento’s mammoth library of PHP code. While not at work I spend my free time curating my music collection, playing (console) video games, watching anime, or lending a helping hand or ear to those in need. I moderate for several communities on Twitch and Discord, and also volunteer for the folks behind Link’s Hideaway. I’m looking to write more, and eventually get back into music creation as a nice hobby. Currently living on my own, with my cats Nima and Ritz!


Born: Maryland | 1994

Current: York, Pennsylvania

Academics: York College of Pennsylvania

  • Bachelors of Science Computer Science
  • Creative Writing Minor (seriously, one class away from a Math minor)
  • Class of 2016

College Life:

  • Anime Club (Vice President, Sophomore | President, Junior/Senior)
  • ACM (Secretary, Sophomore-Senior)
  • Improv Club (member)
  • RPG Club (member)

Developer CV: Available on Stack Overflow (An actual CV will exist whenever I need to make one again…)


  • Co-Webmaster @ Links Hideaway / Concealed Gaming | January 2011 to Present(ish)
  • Administrator @ Nintendo Castle | January 2012 to Present(ish)
  • Backend Developer @ ParadoxLabs | October 2016 to Present
  • Open Commission Account @ Twitter | August 2018 to Present
  • Community Moderator @ / Discord | October 2018 to Present
  • Community Moderator @ / Discord | October 2019 to Present
  • Open Commission Account @ Mastodon | January 2023 to Present

Past Occupation(s):

  • Media Manager @ | January 2011 to June 2011
  • Junior Wash Tech @ Cloister Car Wash | December 2010 to May 2012
  • Webmaster @ Kennard-Dale High School | August 2011 to June 2012
  • Student @ Kennard-Dale High School [Class of 2012]
  • Sporting Goods Sales Associate @ Walmart | May 2012 to October 2014
  • Digital Editor/Webmaster @ The York Review | August 2013 to May 2016
  • Photo Lab Associate @ Walmart | October 2014 to August 2018
  • Community Moderator/Social Media @ Prism Virtual | August 2020 to December 2022

Social Media Bio History
An optimistic lark, a meandering virtuoso. i: @kozimiuu ~ h: pixiv:84209886

A gamer / writer / programmer / composer / otaku | Dev @ParadoxLabs | Webmaster @LinksHideaway | i: @nyamiyuart | h: pixiv:72218158 |

Novice Otaku「オタク」, Mediocre Nerdist, Master Creator, Ultimate Optimist | Co-Webmaster @LinksHideaway | Admin @NintendoCastle | #anime #japan #music #zelda

CS/Creative Writing Student & Otaku | Co-Webmaster of @LinksHideaway & Admin of @NintendoCastle | こんにちはなのにオタク?

A gamer/author/composer/artist/otaku. To sum it up, I'm a Nerdist.

Username Origin & Pronunciation

My username came to be around 2006/2007 while I was still in private school. I had no idea what the internet really was beyond school research and my main escape from reality was video games. I remember being enamoured by the concept of light and darkness, most prominently from Jak 3 if I recall correctly. So when thinking about how my dad had a unique name in some of our old PSX games, I wanted to give myself a nickname, too. This was before I knew what portmanteau’s truly were (would later become part of why I adore Lewis Carroll’s works), but I was a huge fan of the concept of mashing words together to get something new. So with the words light and dark (and related), I tried lark and dight and a few other mishmashes…but none of them felt right, aside from “lark”. So I decided upon two variations, Lark and LKS. I knew when I was making the name that some games only accepted three letter acronyms so I came up with that on a whim and it’s stuck ever since. If I never need to slap a quick acronym onto something, LKS.

After that came several years of workshopping changes as I moved back to public school, learned about the internet, learned more about the existing word “lark”, and eventually ended on “Larke”. The 12 had significance at several points (different numbers had different meanings for me from 7-14 years of age for some reason), but I’ve long forgotten those reasons. 13 is actually my lucky number, as 12 has had a number of unlucky occurrences ever since. For the most part, the 12 is just an identifier now.

Given all this, it’s clear the pronunciation of my username was intended to be “Lark” but as I’ve encountered more and more people I’ve heard different ways of pronouncing it and I adore each one. I remember in part why I added the e (initially stylised é) was to move it away from the common usage of it being a girls name. Anyway, based of of how friends from various parts of the world pronounce it, the general way it goes is:

  • In North America it’s often pronounced “Lar-key” or “Lark” (most common all around).
  • In Europe it’s often pronounced “Lar-kay” (how I mentally sounded the original é).
  • In SEA it’s often pronounced “Lar-key” or “Lar-ku” (more people do the latter than I expect).

I have no preference, it’s all the same. I will, however, respond to any of these IRL more often than my real name (which is much more common to hear and thus easier to ignore).

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