I have many accounts on many sites, but some of them are no longer in use or simply not me. If you want to be sure that it is me, check this list! If you’d like to add me on a gaming console, send me your name or code so I know who you are (whatever messaging site below works for you)!

Anilist (Anime List) | Larke12

Bluesky (passive use) | Profile

Cohost (not in use) | Profile

Discord | Larke12

Facebook | None

Gitea | /Larke12

GitHub | /Larke12

LinkedIn | None

Mastodon/Fediverse (passive use) | @larke12@mastodon.social

Nintendo Switch | SW-4739-5920-3690

Pixiv | Profile

Playstation Network | Larke_Twelve

SoundCloud | /Larke12

Speedrun.com | /Larke12

Steam | Larke12

Throne | Wishlist

Twitch | /Larke12

Twitter (not in use) | @Larke12