I have many accounts on many sites, but some of them are no longer in use or simply not me. If you want to be sure that it is me on a site, check this list! If you’d like to add me on a gaming console, send me your name or code so I know who you are!

Bluesky (passive use) | Profile

Cohost (not in use) | Profile

Crunchyroll | Profile

Discord | Larke12

Facebook | None

Gitea | /Larke12

GitHub | /Larke12

Kitsu (Anime List) | Larke12

LinkedIn | None*

Mastodon/Fediverse (primary use) | @larke12@mastodon.social

Nintendo Switch | SW-4739-5920-3690

Pixiv | Profile

Playstation Network | Larke_Twelve

SoundCloud | /Larke12

Speedrun.com | /Larke12

Steam | Larke12

Throne | Wishlist

Twitch | /Larke12

Twitter (passive use) | @Larke12