I’m not looking forward to much in 2024, mostly financial stability for the first time in my life. Though two things stick out:

  • My new OC, Nyx, for art commissions
  • A new iPad

Nyx will get her time later, but in March Apple should be unveiling a whole line of new iPad’s. I’m excited for a few reasons:

  • My iPad is an 8th generation model, of the lowest spec line of all the models.
  • It’s only 3 years old, but as my primary Apple device it’s a noticeable slog compared to the newer iPhones or M-chip macs. A higher end iPad will last longer and give me the performance my current workflow desires. iOS 17 has also destroyed the performance after only 3 years of owning it (which is extremely low for Apple hardware).
  • The Magic Keyboard I have has been slowly falling apart after all these years and is partially broken and I really want a new one…but really want to hold out until I get a new iPad.
  • I’ve had a year with the new X-design iPhone and the features and gestures it shares with the higher end iPads finally sound enticing.
  • Apple has the chance to fix the utter mess that the entire iPad lineup is currently. It’s horrible, and has been for years.

We’ll see what they announce, hopefully something new that’ll make the investment even more worthwhile than it currently would be— but I just can’t wait for my daily driver of a device to update to a decent multitasking machine.

PS~ if you ever want to shop Apple devices (begrudgingly for others or happily for yourself) always check out the MacRumours Buyer’s Guide. All Apple hardware is listed out and it easily denotes if it’s worth buying or waiting for the next iteration. Not just if you want the latest model, but because the current model could be discounted around the corner.