Un-edited flash fiction based off the song z5m20i12r04a28 by 澤野 弘之

The sun was blaring hot again,

I could see the faces everywhere,

This was the day I’ve been waiting for,

No, this is the day we’ve all been waiting for.

* * *

The young man walked out of the shadow, pulling his scarf over the bottom half of his face. A scar could be seen from above his left eye to the his right cheek, his bleached white hair only a hint more distracting. The heat waves turned the sandy city into a marvel of beauty, like Atlantis were above the sea. A large wall surrounded the cities perimeter and was outfitted with guards and catapults to fend off enemies on the outside. At least, that’s what the townsfolk were told. Several of the city guards were walking, jugs of water in hand as the sun glimmered off it into the waves of heat. Many of the poor in the city could barely afford a drop of water, and the elite were left to the guards and monarch.

“Cal, you can do this…this task for all the people who believe in you.” he whispered.

One step followed the other as they escalated to a run towards the guards. Flowing across the bridge through the crowd of townsfolk and merchants Cal moved closer to the guards. Within reach, Cal grabbed both of the guards daggers and slit their jugs of water clean open before stabbing the daggers into their lower backs. The armor prevented any mortal wounds, but gave Cal enough time to run past the guards to begin a chase.

Cal peered over his shoulder, “Two…four…nine. That should be enough for now.”, seeing the guards frantic faces as they began to chase after the delinquent. A loud whistle could be heard, and as the whistle was echoed back the ground shook and a cloud of smoke appeared on the far side of the city. Cal began to hop across a merchant’s stand to the roof of a small home. Several guards followed Cal via the streets, while more lightly armored guards followed on the rooftops. The heat grew ever hotter, as if the gods were about to cast judgment on the town. Cal jumped from the rooftops to the streets where another bridge reached across a mildly filthy stream. It was deep enough to swim in, but there was no where out. Many of the townspeople could not swim, nor could the guards or passing merchants.

Stilling on a ledge on the bridge, Cal awaited a few guards to catch up to him. Several townsfolk exited from their homes and slowly moved towards the bridge until Cal nodded and began to run once more. The guards, seconds from stepping foot on the bridge, were shoved and knocked over the bridge ledge and into the water. Several guards came to cease the townspeople’s acts before weapons were drawn on both sides.

Cal had regain his footing on the rooftops and headed to a tall building near the center of the town. This tower housed the top member of the guards, and with it some prized possessions from the monarch. Cal entered through a window at the top of the tower, an injuriously high distance from the ground. On the wall sat a sheathed sword, a relic from wars past. The monarch found it useless, as it did nothing as was known in the legends.

“Today we wipe these blasted men off the face of the world.” Cal unsheathed the sword and jumped out of the window, cautiously jumping further down the tower until it was safe to jump to the street. Every guard in the city was now surrounding Cal, blocking off every exit and rooftop. The sword began to attract small beads of light as the red sun set.

“Hand over the sword, ya here?” said a guard.

“Yeah, no need to have us all kill you again and again.” said another.

“Hold it, men.” a deep hoarse voice echoed from the streets ahead of Cal, “I believe he has something that belongs to me. I’ll take it back myself.”

Cal had a sarcastic smirk on his face before the ground shook once more.

“What is happening?!” the man could no longer contain his anger.

Chanting began to echo throughout the city as Cal began to chant.

“Look at the man, pretending to be…”

“Silence, fool, I will kill you a hundred times over!”

“I see the faces everywhere, this is the day we’re waiting for…”

The beads of light around the sword began to intensify as the guards dropped to their knees one by one. The chanting spread throughout the city. Cal’s scarf fell to the ground to reveal his gritted smile; he ran to the man who now cowered in fear, slicing through him as if he had become nothing but water. Cal jumped from one guard to the other afterwards, ending the lives of the many men that oppressed the townspeople.

* * *

Time passed and the day became anew,

The embers smoldering across the city where the explosions blew.

The young man lay where the battle had ended,

Alas, his heart was the one unmended.

Nothing said of the sword of legend,

That once again freed the people’s oppression.

The small Arab town grew again one day,

Never again to dance to the monarchs play.