“Old deleted photos appearing on devices.” What a headline to hear as I’m trading in my old iPad for my new iPad Pro. I’ll just hope Apple resolves this themselves somehow, as all in all I know everything I deleted from Google Photos is still on a Google server somewhere. In the digital age, nothing you ever delete is truly gone for good. Someone somewhere can probably find some copy that touched some drive somewhere.

Anyway, that said, since I made several posts I figured I’d put out another one to say I did in fact upgrade to the newest iPad Pro (11in, 512GB, Pencil Pro, Magic Keyboard). Quite the price, but I have to say going from my old base iPad to this is incredible. Apps stay open, things open and operate quickly. The new screen format is so nice. It’s a wonderful turn around and makes me wish I could do more on my iPad. I don’t mean that in the sense that “it cannot do what I want” — more so, I wish I could make use of it. I’m typing this out on my iPad and I can post from it too. I just wish I had a better writing app for my novel (that wasn’t subscription or requiring Dropbox sync), or had an interest in learning to draw to use the new Apple Pencil Pro. Much like my passport I obtained ages ago, I have in my possession something that provides me with near limitless potential — and I am doing all of what with it? I am sitting here with it in front of me, and vegetating on the couch all the while.

That said, I still am of the mind that all of my devices have specific functions. My iPhone is for communicating, banking, all the jazz that I’ve decided in part based on iPhone-only apps being a thing. My mac is for the powerful tasks, if I wanna code or do anything graphically or with more space to do file (and music) management or record/compose things in depth. My iPad then is the middle ground catch all, my casual browsing, my video streams/watch and read later, and to an extent dabbles in a little of what my iPhone and mac handle. So while my iPad may have the “most powerful chip made by Apple so far”, I see that as just allowing what I want it to do be more efficient. My iPad is my primary computing platform, as I was never fond of sitting at my desk with my computer nor staring at my small phone screen all day.

For now I’m still getting use to it. I’m waiting for a normal case to arrive so I can use tablet mode in the kitchen and in bed, and I need to settle into the pros and cons this new tablet offers me. My primary drawing app, Tayasui Sketches Pro, hasn’t yet updated to support all the new Pencil Pro features. Once it does, I hope I can use it to paint a bit more enjoyably. Who knows, maybe it can help me sketch things out so I can offer more insight into the artworks I want to commission in the future.