My eyes wide open, I looked all around. To the left was an archway leading to a vacant forest. The sounds of various birds chirped in the distance. To the right was an archway leading to a bustling city with the sounds of various motors ringing in the air. The girl beside me looked to the blue sky filled with cotton clouds. The warm rays caressed our cheeks as we stood next to each other. Her eyes closed, her mouth slightly smiling.

I was to decide where to go. She had a destination in mind, but her intentions were left to my own understanding. My choices were threefold. I go where I want to go, I go where she wants to go, or I go where I think she wants to go. Who’s to say if those are all the same, or all very different places. I could stand in this spot all day and I’d be content with the day coming to an end. I knew, however, the this was not where either of us were thinking of going.

Are we introverts? Are we extroverts? Do we enjoy being near people? Do we enjoy being near nature? We were standing in a divide. The sun peaked ever higher in the comforting blue sky as the wind rustled the trees and flowed through the straight brown hair beside me. Thinking will get one nowhere, thinking leads to overthinking. I’ll just go. I grabbed her hand and we walked through the archway.

We were lost.

We were longing to be found.

We were yearning for company.

We were nearing solace.