Edited flash fiction based off the song 友人A by 横山克

The rain was always nice.
Cloudy days were magical, for some.
Taking a walk, through the city.

A young girl stood by the train tracks. Her head looking down as her beautiful white summer dress calmly swayed in the breeze. The clouds overhead hid any view of the sun that day. Her long black hair obscured her face, hiding any sense of emotion. Not a single soul was around aside from the two of us. Who would know what had lead either of us there, because it seemed neither of us planned it. The faint smell of the rain was in the distance as the air began to chill, quickly passing over the station. The sound of rain clouded all sense of hearing.

The smile dropped from my face. The pieces aligned so perfectly it was as if the only scene that could play out was inevitable. Nothing was stopping, not even time, as the rain fell ever so slowly like snow. The girl looked up to the sky, water in her eyes, the emotions masked just like that day. I ran, dropping everything, the sound of glass shattering, time would not slow. The girl took a step forward as I reached out my hand, screaming. And that was it, a grasp at life, thrown to the side as if to show that one mattered more than any other.

The rain is always nice.
Cloudy days are magical, for some.
Taking a walk, through the city.
My time is forever stopped.