Since 2012-ish I’ve been thinking up a storm on a novel idea. What once started as a mash-up of fantasy ideas, some even based on long gone imaginary friends, has become something else entirely (and is still evolving). Most of the story is still stuck in my head but some of the major points are making it to (digital) paper.

The story is becoming a pseudo-biography that will take events in my life and twist them into this fantastical world. It’s become so much more than that though. The story has become several parts, that may or may not come to fruition as I currently outline them:

  • Prequel (The Fall): The story of a woman who, after seeing the demise of her comrades and fellow knights, travels the land blanketed in darkness to secure a brighter future than was foretold. Ideally, I would love to see this become a game.

  • Prequel (The Peddlark): The quaint ramblings of a wandering fool who notes various details of the lands and communities that exist in this land. Aiming to be a web-series of short stories to help me flesh out the environments and descriptions.

  • Main Story (The Legend Told): The events of a young man who is in unfamiliar lands as he uncovers the reasons why the world is as it is, as my life had once unfolded, to prevent the darkness from controlling the beings and nature around them.

  • Pre/sequel (The Prophecy): The story of a young woman who is on a journey to find the one that she lost. To both explain her side of the events in the novel, and to complete the journey that the legend told.

  • Sequel (Future): The story of a being that wanders the land after all has transpired. Is it one of sorrow, or joyousness? Maybe this could be a 4-coma manga or something idk.

Month by month this story progresses…this page may see updates, but good on you for finding it. :^)