Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to my little corner of the digital aether. If you don’t know anything about me, below are some quick bullet points. Feel free to reach out to me if you wanna chat.

A gamer… I love playing video games, one game at a time, slow and steady. My favourite series are The Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, and Xenoblade.

An author… I think a lot. A plethora, to the point of migraines and endless internal ramblings. Some of those ideas make it to digital documents. I’ve spent over a decade working on a novel idea and written several dozen short stories, many of which you can view on this site!

A composer… not so much nowadays, but learning and arranging melodies is wonderfully fun. Time flies when I mess with transposition or arrangement, maybe it’s my hidden calling? Even dabbled with mixing and tuning. I bought a Mac, Logic Pro, and several instrument libraries to entice myself to do more in the future.

A programmer… this is my career and education. It pays the bills and can lead to some fun projects. It’s always a challenge, always has been, so I don’t often do this on my own time and dime.

An otaku… it’s not always a pleasant label for some, but I love anime and Japanese culture. It was an unknown passion when I was a child, and since Fall 2010 it’s been a staple of my life that continues to fill a void in my heart.

For more of me, look for my About page. For more cats, please see below.

My cat, Nima.

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