A short story based off of the Assassin’s Creed franchise

The assassins and templars have fought for hundreds of years. The templars have many bases and hideouts scattered around the world. The assassins have found and destroyed a number of templar bases both in and out of America since the templars began to conquer the world. There are more than one hundred million templar soldiers, and less than twenty thousand assassins left. There use to be much more assassins than templars, but the templars began training the templar soldiers the ways of assassins. This made it almost impossible to defeat the templars. This was, until a master assassin was found.

In a town of southern Pennsylvania a group of assassins, codenamed Mori, were responsible for the deaths of more than fifty-five thousand templar soldiers in less than 3 hours. The team consisted of no more than 7 assassins. One was the master assassin. The group’s leader was Cristina. She kept in close contact with other assassins and collected Intel to easily bring down templar bases. Daniel was the driver. He got the assassins where they wanted to go, quietly and almost invisible to the templars.

There were also 2 newer assassins, Joey and Dewy. They were friends and completed the missions together almost flawlessly. Joey would be called the perfect modern-day assassin. He did things clean and quick, using as much of today’s technology as possible. Dewy preferred using old techniques. He always carried a sword and a knife. Dewy also did parkour, unlike some of the other assassins. Dewy is also the master assassin. He has his flaws though. Thoughts and emotions cloud his judgment. The templars killed a close friend of his before his very eyes, even though they did not truly know it. Dewy’s personal mission is to kill every templar that was there that night. He has a list of names; all he needs are the faces…


It was noon, and Dewy and Joey were sitting in the back of a closed off truck with one hand each on the door, and the other hand with a gun. The truck was moving fast and Dewy and Joey had no idea where they were heading.

“On the count of three, we jump out and shoot’em all.” said Dewy.

“On your count?” said Joey, “Since when?”

“Since… 3… 2… 1… now!”

No one moved.

“I knew you wouldn’t go!”

“I didn’t think you’d actually try!’ said Joey.

The truck began to slow and the driver turned his head.

“If you guys are going to go, now’s a great time!” said the driver.

“Ready?” said Dewy.

“As ready as I was 2 minutes ago.” said Joey.

“3, 2, 1-” said Dewy and Joey as they pushed the doors open and jumped out. They fired at the templar soldiers and hit them one by one. Dewy aimed for one templar and fired a bullet square in his forehead.

“Nice shot.” said Joey.

Dewy pulled out his sword and sliced an oncoming templar.

“I hate guns.” said Dewy.

“Look!” Dewy pointed to a church up the road as they hid on a small rise of stairs behind a small brick wall and some trees.

“Templar base… like a bee hive.” said Joey.

Dewy sheathed his sword and ran towards the building. Joey put on his headset.

“Are you mad!” said Joey.

Dewy jumped over the white fence in front of the church and slid up against a wall.

“Every templar in this base will die for what they did. Every templar will feel my revenge.”


Dewy looked around the wall and saw 2 templar guards at the door. Dewy began to climb up the wall until he reached a window.

“Cristina, Dewy’s heading in early.” said Joey. His headset crackled.

“Don’t worry, we’re ready for him.” said Cristina in a cracky voice over the headset.

“Fix your headset!” whispered Dewy, “It’s ruining my train of thought.”

“As if you can’t do that yourself, hurry up and find the target!” said Cristina.

Dewy slowly walked through the hall and up the stairs.

“Joey, how do I get to the roof from here?”

“Take the stairs up and enter the door on the left, not the right, the LEFT.”

“The right got it.”

Dewy headed up the stairs and heard men behind the door to his left.

“Was it right?” whispered Dewy.

He headed to the door on the left and grabbed the handle. Dewy could here the men clearly.

“… but the assassins will stop you! You can’t just parade through the streets. I suggest a helicopter.” said a man.

“No. We leave in 10 min, kill every assassin you see.”

Dewy slammed the door open and kicked a man down. The door knocked the other man down.

“Who are you!?” said the man in black.


“Master assassin. Who are you?” said Dewy.

The man and black was trembling, “Colonel Tyler Vela.”

“You must be Dewy. Nice to meet you.” The man stood up and put out his hand.

Dewy knocked his hand away, “You must be the Vole.”

“Now, now, no need to use street terms here.” said Vole as he put his hand behind his back.

“What is this plan of yours, with the parading the streets?”

“My, my, I thought I was the foul Vole. You shall see very soon.”

“Not today-” Dewy was stabbed from behind by a templar guard.

Vole crouched down, “I’m so sorry I can’t finish this, chat, today. I have a parade to get to.”

“Dewy! What’s going on!?” Joey looked at the top of the building, “Cristina! What’s happening?”

“There going to bring the building down, Dewy! Get out of there!”

Vole left the room along with the guard and Colonel. Dewy slowly dragged himself to the window.

“Dewy!” screamed Cristina, “Get out of there, now!”

Dewy reached for the window and tried to push it open. He pulled himself up and fell out the window. Joey and Cristina ran over to Dewy and dragged him to the curb where the truck had pulled up.

“We need to get back to the hideout. The templars plan to kill us with an army.” said Dewy.

“Or anyone else who tries to stop them.” said Joey.

They got in the back of the truck and headed down the road to the east.

“Now what.” said Joey.

“Now we hide.” said Cristina.

“No. We fight.” said Dewy.


A meeting was called to an underground hideout under Southern PA with assassins from South Carolina to Maine.

“Two days ago, the templars destroyed their own base to the west of here. According to a group in Los Angeles they have destroyed more than just bases, but an entire state.” said Cristina.

“The cause you may ask? Nuclear weapons. Now don’t go ‘how do you know’ on us. It wasn’t just LA, but Hawaii, Japan, India, Israel, Italy, the UK, we are soon to be next.” said Joey.

“Now, you assassin’s are here for one thing and one thing only, to stop the templars at all cost. Kill them; stop them, save the innocent people who are still alive. We’ve gotten word that a nuclear weapon is hidden under the destroyed templar base to the west of here. We head there, and stop them at all cost. Our lives won’t matter if we don’t stop them.” said Dewy.

An assassin stood up and spoke, “What if we fail sir?”

Dewy walked towards the exit and turned around, “Then the war will be over along with any life on the planet.”

The assassin sat back down as the crowd began to talk among themselves. Dewy headed outside and checked his arms for his hidden blades.

“Dewy!” said Joey.

“Yea, that’s me.”

“You might need this.” Joey put his hands out in front of him with a knife in his right hand and a hoodie in the other.

“Why- got it. You know life isn’t a video game?”

“That is what we’ve been trying to tell you, but it won’t matter anymore will it. I’ll meet with you later.” said Joey as he ran up the street.

Dewy put the knife around his right ankle and put the hoodie on which concealed his hidden blades. He headed to the old church and noticed templar soldiers everywhere.

“I thought they left,” whispered Dewy, “Now what.”

Dewy climbed up a building and tried to get closer to the church. The other assassins were just arriving, surrounding the templar soldiers. Dewy opened fire on the soldiers and crouched out of sight. He hit three soldiers out of two shots. The other assassins closed in. A battle had begun as Dewy jumped from building to building, getting closer.

“Dewy, Dewy do you read me?” said Cristina.

“I can’t read you but I can hear you.” said Dewy.

“Just find the controls to the weapon and don’t let it launch.”

“Right.” Dewy jumped off the building and onto two templar soldiers. The ground began to shake and radio transmissions blew out.

“Ah, that hurt.” said Dewy as his earpiece screeched. Dewy headed for safe ground away from the ruble and watched as the ground swallowed numerous templar soldiers and some assassins whole.

Dewy climbed to the top of another building and hollered over the quake, “Everyone run!”

Dewy watched as the assassin’s fled from the missile. It headed straight into the sky. Cristina and Joey reached the top of the building.

“We failed.” said Cristina.

“The missile was satellite controlled, the templar soldiers were just a distraction.” said Joey.

“From what?” said Dewy.

“The missiles target site.” said Joey.

“Time to go?” said Cristina.

Dewy climbed down the building and met Joey and Cristina at a truck. The driver was inside.

“Time we rode off once more?” said the driver.

“It’s not over. It won’t be over.” said Dewy.

The truck drove off as a high-pitched noise came from the sky. The missile was heading for the state line on the interstate. The truck was driving east towards Stewartstown. They drove past the interstates underpass and past a farm. They headed up a hill as everything went silent. Dewy looked at Cristina and Joey and saw they were holding each other tightly. He smiled and Joey smiled back. They made it over the crest but were hit with the blast and flew down the hill. Dewy awoke outside the truck with no bruises or scrapes.

“Where am I?” said Dewy. He looked at the vehicle which had exploded. He walked over to it and picked up a book.

“Assassin? This must be a joke, they don’t exist anymore, right?” said Dewy as he walked up the hill. He turned around and saw the landscape in ruins. Fires were everywhere and trees were destroyed.”

“Hey!” said a man down the other side of the hill, “It’s safer in this direction!”

“Give me a sec!” said Dewy as he looked back at the landscape, “What happened?” Dewy had no idea he lost all his memories of being an assassin, or that there should have been three bodies in the car. All he needs to do now is find his old friends, which are not to far away.