Part two of a three part short story series once called “Legend of Light” (Revision 3)

Dewy found himself in a temple but did not know what kind of temple. The light from the ceiling came down and began to speak.

“Welcome Dewy, this is the Temple of Light.” said the light.

What? I’m lost, did you say ‘temple’?

“It is simple, take up your grandfather’s’ sword and defeat the evil power that is in the Blair Castle. You must challenge the evil king.” said the light.

Dewy grabbed the sword and awoke next to the ruins of Bri’s house. The sun was just beginning to rise.

“Dewy! Bri!”said Joe.

Dewy got up and saw Joe looking frantically around. It was cloudy and a mist appeared. The earth began to shake as Joe got on Dewy’s shoulder.

“Sorry I got you into this, but I can’t do anything now, look at me! We need to end this, and you’re the only one who can do this. So, are you in?” said Joe.

Dewy nodded his head and unsheathed his sword.

“Let’s do this!!” said Joe.

It began to rain, but the rain was frozen. Dewy looked around and noticed creatures running towards him. Dewy began to slash down the enemies. The creatures looked like soldiers and knights, but were skeletons.  Dewy would strike them down and they would explode. Dewy got more fluid with his movement as more enemies appeared. Dewy was more of a hack and slash swordsman, but there were just too many enemies to do that.

“Where is Aeso getting these creatures from? That evil king has taken it to far now.” said Joe, “Listen Dewy, we need to get to two places before your showdown with Aeso. We need to finish by dusk too. Got it? Great! To Hace Mountain!”

After the enemies died down, Dewy and Joe headed towards Hace Mountain. The Mountain was an active volcano where a certain group of people lived. The people lived in the local village near the base of the mountain. They were known as ‘Master Craftsman’.

“Listen, I’ll go find the man I’m looking for. You can look around, but don’t go to far.” said Joe.

Joe ran off and left Dewy to go get some craftsman.

Maybe someone can tell me who made this sword.

“Welcome! May I help you?” said a crafter.

Dewy shook his head and put the sword on the counter.

“Well I’ll be! This is a mighty fine sword. Although this thing is out of my league. You will have to take it to a Fire Craftsman.”

Fire Craftsman were a magical race of people who lived in the mountain. They had a small coating of rock over their skin and were almost impossible to meet since they swam in lava. Dewy made his way into the mountain when there was an explosion behind him.

Why is it so cold?

Dewy looked on the ground and saw it was coated in a crystal substance.


Dewy took careful steps as he walked on. There was a fire up ahead of Dewy and people were talking. It was Joe and another man, Dewy listened in to their conversation.

“… they are frozen beneath our feet. Aeso is more powerful than we thought. Our fire, our lakes, our forests, they are all frozen tundras.” said the man.

“So that leaves the Air Craftsman right? They are still around right?!” said Joe.

“No. The Air Crafter broke into 2 groups. The Light and Dark Crafters. The sole remaining Dark Craftsman is Aeso. I believe there is one Light craftsman left.” said the man.

Dewy walked in and saw Joe looking towards the sky.

“New plan Dewy. We need to find the Light Craftsman and save the three lands. We must save the Fire, Water and Forest Craftsman.” said Joe.

Joe looked at Dewy and asked him where he got his sword.

“Right, forgot. Buy it? No. Find it? No. Dad? Yes? Oh, that’s a no. Grandfather? That’s a yes right? Great! Was your grandfathers’ name Miller? Miller the Air Craftsman?”

Dewy stopped shaking his head and gave Joe a thumbs up.

“Dewy! It’s you!! You’re the Light Craftsman!!!” Joe jumped onto Dewys’ shoulder.

“Great, now we need to find the… the… what did Mark say it was? Lamp! Lamp, we need to find the Lamp in this area!”

Dewy walked around looking for a way out when he hit  his head on something. He tilted his head and saw clear steps going up the volcano. Dewy and Joe made their way up the stairway and noticed the view.

“Wow, I like this shoulder thing, just look at the view I get.” said Joe.

Dewy gave him a look to let him know he could easily throw him off

What does a lamp look like?

The ground began to shake and a giant dragon popped its head out of the volcano. It had on yellow eye that took the shape of a bright lamp.

“Look out!” screamed Joe.

Dewy got out his sword and dodged the dragons blue fire. The dragon went to bite Dewy but missed a bit the edge of the volcano. Dewy struck the dragon twice before light shined from the sword, and sliced through the dragon’s skin. The dragon withdrew to the volcano and came flying back out. It began to scream and fly frantically in the sky.

“Dewy look out!” said Joe.

The dragons blue flame came falling from the sky towards Dewy. He began to dodge but his left leg was hit and he was burned, but not in a hot way because the flames were cool.

“What is it with Aeso and ice?” said Joey.

The dragon came towards Dewy. He jumped and grabbed onto the dragons back and Dewy began to climb as the dragon flew higher. Dewy reached the head of the dragon and looked at the yellow eye. His sword grew bright and he stuck his sword into the dragons eye. There was a great flash and a voice began to speak to Dewy.

“Well done Light Craftsman…You have defeated one of the three lamps in this land and you have saved the Fire Craftsman…I’m sorry to say that it is too late for us, so please take the last of my powers and defeat Aeso.” The Last Fire Craftsman.

Dewy awoke in the wood’s next to the volcano. Joe sat in a tree eating a pear type fruit.

“We should get moving. Aeso is getting stronger and we are already in the forest.” said Joe, “I’ve got the lamp, can you carry it?”

Joe tossed Dewy the lamp and another pear like fruit.

“Eat your levant and let’s go.” said Joe.

The forest was called Palmas because of its fruits. There was a desert patch in the center of the forest that housed an old temple. Very few ever made it to the temple, and if they did none of them ever returned. Dewy and Joe stopped at the desert patch.

“Did the Fire Craftsman give you anything good?” said Joe.

Dewy shrugged as he got out his sword. Two symbols were on the bottom of the blade and another two were still faded. Dewy went to swing his blade and fire came from the blade itself.

“Wow! Calm down there buddy, this makes me wonder what the Forest Craftsman will do. We better get moving!”

They began their journey through the desert and Dewy had the feeling they were being followed. He periodically looked behind them to see if anyone was there, but the desert was empty behind them.

“Did you hear that?” said Joe.

Dewy felt a rumble beneath his feet and started running. An army of skeletons came crawling out of the sand.

“Fire!” said Joe.

Dewy got out his sword and pointed his sword behind him. The skeletons grew closer and Dewy spun to do a fire spin. He became a ball of fire and destroyed the army of skeletons.

“Strike! Right?” said Joe.

Dewy Stopped and fell to the ground. He looked up and saw a huge temple.