I’ve been a kart racer fan all my life since the launch of the original CTR, and MK8DX has been one of the very best kart racer entries. CTR:NF could have come close but it was too unpolished and the load times by the final patch absurd, which left me wanting for something better.

Although I still yearn for the ability to increase the number of laps for all circuit tracks or even a mission mode (ala MKDS), MK8DX offers so much variety in a superb package it rivals CTR in terms of replay-ability, handling, and joy. Joining various communities for tournament races has been a hoot, too! Seeing all the tracks back to back in this trailer really lets me sit back and appreciate the sheer breadth of content. It’s incredible.

If I ever get the fan made PC port of CTR running and enough custom content is out by then too, that may end up being my pinnacle of kart racing. Until that day, the convenience, fidelity, and fun MK8DX offers is the best kart racing available. Really scratches that kart racing itch.

Trailer of all 96 tracks

(Also in racing with others I’ve noticed, not many people realise the Y button is an acceleration button — do try using it if 200cc gives you trouble.)