Every other second someone somewhere is out there defending their favourite company. Be that swearing for Windows vs Apple, Intel vs AMD, TikTok vs Shorts, the list is endless and isn’t even just two sided. Being the way that I am leads to no shortage of headaches when someone I’m acquainted with falls into this argument. I just have that primal urge to get them to understand the truths of what they wish to argue.

What I’ve learned as I’ve grown older, and even more as I’ve travelled down the rabbit hole of my preferred ecosystems, is that there is no general choice that’s correct. Be that a specific hardware brand or software company or whatever corporation that makes what you enjoy to use there are specific pros and cons to each one. Each person weighs those pros and cons differently. Though maybe for as long as there’s been an option of choice humans have blindly decided to choose one over another. No thoughts, just select one of the multiple choice.

I’m no exception. Growing up I was taught that Chevrolet was better than Ford. I was afforded no actual evidence as to why. I was told that “friend of a friend” grape vine spiel, “I’ve always been told the engines were bad”. “No one I know has had a good experience with them”. “Found On Road Dead”. You can apply the same thing to any area that has choice, the cult followings blinded by their adoration.

Just one recent example: Android or iOS? There are people on both sides where you will get the full picture when it comes to what they prefer and just a vague retort about why the other is a heinous crime. Just a mention of one leads to huffing and puffing from anyone opposed to it. All for what sometimes feels like a hidden agenda, usually one without much thought behind it. “Well idk but it’s still bad”.

When I was younger I totally defended whatever I was currently into. My laptop is HP? That’s the best and since I had one bad experience with an Acer, that is now the worst. Obviously years later I understand why that’s not only incorrect but also why I had my experience. An experience I’d never have if I bought their products again. Maybe it also helps that I’ve been able to experience and dabble in a little of many areas of tech. I used an Android tablet and an Apple one and made my choice based on what worked for my wants and needs.

Which brings me to the entire point of what I learned. Every company sucks, and none of them are your friend. They may seem to cater to your every whim and yet they still would be far removed from being your friend. People that know me would know I only use one company for most of my hardware, and yet I won’t defend them. In fact every year that goes by they do more egregious things…but of all the apples rotting in this capitalist world, they’re the least rotten when I compare the pros and cons of the alternatives. For now.