Related to my last post, which is completely unbiased, I figured I’d put this separate given how one sided it appears. Apple is terrible, yet the alternatives don’t nail feel AND functionality. A lot of people don’t care for feel, and that’s fine. I love open source but paying a little more for good looking software by smaller companies or indie developers can be real nice.

Mac mini (M2 Pro) – my primary desktop computer after years of Windows/Linux laptops. I learned how to use Logic Pro in high school and loved it, so I wanted to buy it once I had the cash. Unix is my bread and butter, macOS and Mac Assed Apps offer the visual/design appeal with equally great functionality. I also recently got a MacBook Pro for work! Windows has WSL2 but it’s no Unix machine.

iPhone 14 Pro – up until this released I was still using an iPhone 8 so the upgrade was an incredible leap. Planned obsolescence is a beach, yet iPhones get longer official support than anything else in the space. I’ll believe Google’s 7 year plan when their graveyard stops growing. I guess related, I also use an Apple Watch. I love watches and the “smart” aspects are neat if you use a good smart watch.

iPad – I’ve already spoken on my grievances and hopes.

Chromecast – As much as I utterly despise Google, nothing else is as convenient and useful as Chromecast. AirPlay eats up device battery and you can’t queue up YT videos! Pi-hole + Ultra with ethernet support makes it a little less painful (doesn’t block YT ads though).

Kagi – I’ve been using DuckDuckGo for a while, years now, but I had to occasionally fallback to Google search. Kagi also provided equal or better results in these instances so my friends and I pay for Kagi now. It’s nice! Especially if you search as much as we do, and dislike how poorly AI has broken Google results. I just want results I can trust, man.