One of my first short stories (not a fan fiction) (Revised 2012)

This is a story of two boys. One of these boys, Chris, is reckless. The other is somewhat of a good, mature, young man. His name is Sora. On their Earth, everyone is born with a power. They are like superheroes. After graduating from school, they use their powers to aid the society, or to pursue a career that they have always wanted. There is also an evil organization, called ‘R.O.X.A.S.’. They are the ones that are sent to the International Prison, a place of dread and sorrow, and are stripped of all their powers.

Chris, the soon-to-be hero of this story, was born with special powers. All children learn what their powers are at the age of 5. Chris on the other hand, learned that he could run at the speed of light at the age of 3. He then learned he was a master swordsman at the age of 5. He was always good at heart, but acted like an immature child. Sora was kind and smart. He also learned that he was a master swordsman at the age of 5. These two knew nothing of each other, even though they have gone to the same school for over 8 years.

On an ordinary day at school everything seemed normal. Chris woke up, got dressed, and ran to the bus stop. He never ran to school because there was more fun to be had on the bus. Sora felt that something was going to go wrong, and was usually right. Around 9:30, during their third period classes, Chris was in a science room, while Sora was in a study hall.

“Okay, we were going to go outside today, but as you can all see it is all muddy. We are going to work on our section review instead.” said the teacher.

“Aw.” replied the class.

“This day could NOT get any worse.” said Chris. Just then the ground quaked. It was no ordinary earthquake. It quaked again and the power went out.

“What was that?” said Chris. He noticed people in black uniforms were running through the hallway. No one could say anything, because they had no idea what was going on. Chris got up and ran to the door.

Chris jumped and kicked the door off its hinges as he fell flat on the floor. He got up slowly and looked at all the men that surrounded him on both ends of the hallway. Keep in mind there was no rule that said you could not carry weapons in school. Chris pulled out his sword and began swinging at all the men on the east side of the hallway, towards the cafeteria.

He turned around and saw a boy jump up into the air and slashes down on some of the men straight ahead of him. He dashed threw all the men in front of him and jumped over the boy.

“Hands up!” said Chris.

“Why should I not help you? I am a master swordsman like you, right?” The boy lifted his head.

“Alright, what’s your name? Mine is Chris.”

“Sora.” They shook hands and ran towards the main office and entrance of the building. Surprisingly, no one was around except the principle.

“Hello boys! Nice day isn’t it!” said the principle.

“Not at all, it’s an extraordinary day.” said Chris.

“Now you must be joking Chris.” said the principle.

“Sir, may I ask what is going on?” said Sora.

The principle sighed, “I am not completely sure, but I need your help, both of you.”

“I’m listening.” said Chris who was looking around.

“Well then, the leader of the group called ‘R.O.X.A.S.’ is in the building. Those soldiers out there in the halls are the men and women that are stripped of all their powers. I need you two to go out and find the secret Dual-Sword. It is somewhere outside of the building, but I know it is on school property. It can stop the evil leader of R.O.X.A.S. and save the world. This is not only happening here you know. Hurry and go!!” said the principle.

“I was told it was nothing but a legend.” said Sora.

“Just go.” said the principle.

Chris and Sora ran outside.

“He did not sound well.” said Sora.

“Neither would I, but I isn’t complaining.” said Chris.

“Your English will kill me before anything else.”

“Quit yapping, let’s hurry.”

Chris ran down the schools historic trail and Sora followed.

“How do you suppose we find this mythical sword?” said Sora.

Chris slid down a hill into an empty reservoir. They looked across the reservoir and saw a sign.

“What does that sign say?” said Sora.

Chris ran over and read it out loud. “It says ‘To the Stronghold of The Dual-Sword’.”

“That was too easy.”

“There is allegedly a giant monster that guards it.”

“This is surreal.”

The two boys ran down the pathway that leads to the swords stronghold. They got to a door and had no idea how to open it. Chris noticed a lever on the side of the door and pulled it. The door shattered into pieces. Chris and Sora fell into a trap door on the other side of the shattered door. They fell for a while before they got to the bottom and landed on some soft brush.

“Look at that, another door.” said Chris. He ran over to the door, not waiting for Sora, and looked at the door and saw a small box.

“Well what is this?” said Chris.  

Sora walked over and looked at the box. Chris was puzzled and thought he had a brilliant idea. He got out a pen and wrote ‘Road of Trials’ on the box.

“Road of trials?” said Sora.

Chris stood back and the door opened. “On the other side of that door, that is the road of trials.”

They walked to the other side and saw a bright light was shining down on a pedestal.

“This is amazing.” said Sora.

“The Dual-Sword does exist.” said Chris.

The ground shook and a giant Cyclops fell from the dark ceiling. The Cyclops gave Chris and Sora a roar that shook the ground. The door shut on the other side of the room with an eerie screech. Chris was ready to fight with his sword in his right hand as Sora threw his sword at the Cyclops’s eye. It fell almost immediately.

“That’s it?” said Chris.

The Cyclops got back up and started swinging around. It knocked Sora against the wall as Chris got his sword back out and ran towards the Cyclops. He cut the monsters arms and legs, but it did not bleed. Chris was slammed to the ground twice as he tried to jump towards the Cyclops’ head.  After what seemed like hours, the Cyclops finally fell to the ground. Sora was still unconscious and Chris was beaten up. He went to wake Sora, and then they walked over to the Dual-Sword.

“Ready?” said Chris.

Sora shook his head and they grabbed the sword, pulling it out of its pedestal. The sword shined as bright as a thousand suns. They held it up in the air and it broke in two as a secret door opened from the wall. They sheathed their old swords, and held their Dual-Swords. They took the long path back up to the surface which led them to the basement of the school.

“Now what do we do?” said Sora.

“We find the leader of R.O.X.A.S. and save the world. All in a day’s work.” said Chris.

Chris and Sora got to the main level of the school, after dealing with some of the group’s henchmen. They got all the way to the office, finding something terrible waiting for them.

“Isn’t that the principle?” said Chris. The man turned around and looked at them. He had red eyes, and was wearing a black-hooded cloak

“What’s the phrase I’m looking for? From bad to worse?” said Chris.

“What are you called then?” said Sora.

“Call me Zach.”

“Well then, you must be the leader of the group R.O.X.A.S., no?” said Chris.

The room seemed to suddenly empty of all its air and feeling.

“I never thought you would make it back. I didn’t think it actually existed.”

“Way to go, Zach” said Chris who was looking towards the ceiling.

“It looks like I have endangered myself once again. If you boys let me go, I will be happy to let you skip school when you want.” said the principle with a smirk.

“Ha, I don’t think so.” said Chris as he ran towards Zach.

Chris and Sora kept swinging their swords at Zach, but then he was suddenly engulfed in a dark cloud. Chris and Sora jumped back, not knowing what was going to happen.

“Look out!” said Chris.

A giant sword went flying towards Chris and he dodged it.

“Toss me your Dual-Sword!” said Chris.

Sora tossed Chris his sword and he jumped into the air. Chris landed near Zach and attempted to slash him, but Zach disappeared in a cloud of smoke. Chris jumped back and spun around with the swords pointing out, striking Zach who was standing behind him. Zach fell to the ground and looked at Chris.

“This will never be over.” said Zach, who was scrambling for air.

“Never say never.” said Chris.

Zach fell to the ground and life seemed to fill the room. The skies opened up and the world was safe once more. The Dual-Sword was placed back in its pedestal until it would be needed again.