Part one of a three part short story series once called “Legend of Light” (Revision 3)

On the planet Xrost, before the Land of Linkin was a land mass called Blair. The king was very protective of his land, except for a small piece of land called Nebal. Near the small village of Nebal lived a young man named Dewy. Dewy had a small house and a small garden from which he retrieved his food. His well was on the side of a hill that separated him from the village and the rest of Blair. Dewy had only one weapon, a sword from his late great, great-grandfather. One day while Dewy was in his garden a little creature tumbled down from the sky and landed on him.

“Sorry!” said the creature.

“Who, What are you?” said Dewy. The creature was rolled up in a ball on the ground.

“My name is Joe, but if you meant what I am, I don’t know.”

“Mind coming out?” said Dewy.

Joe unrolled himself to show his big fluffy ears and furry legs. He was brown with some black and white spots. He had sharp claws on all his toes and his eyes were jet black. He had the head of a cat, ears of a rabbit and the body of a smaller cat.

“Any reason you landed on me?” said Dewy. Joe stood up and walked towards Dewy.

“No, just happened, but I need to find a swordsman to help me out.” said Joe.

Dewy looked over his shoulder to see if he had his sword in his sheath. “Well, I can help you for now.”

“Great, I was going to ask you anyway. Let’s go!” said Joe.

The duo began to walk up the hill next to Dewys’ house. When they got to the top of the hill a cold wind blew towards them from the village. Dewy stopped at the top of the hill and starred at the village.

“What? Why are we stopping?” said Joe.

The village was on fire. Dark clouds covered the skies as darkness creeped through the area. Dark shadows began to engulf the area.

“Dewy! Behind you!!” said Joe.

Dewy turned around and simultaneously pulled out his sword, but was struck by a dark force. He tumbled down the hill and rammed into a stone wall/barrier. Joe came after Dewy and looked back up at the hill. A dark figure on a horse looked down on Joe and Dewy and then ran off.


When Dewy awoke he found himself in a small one room house. A girl and Joe sat at the kitchen table talking about something.

“You really got turned into that? Ha-ha!” said the girl.

“Shut-up Bri! You know it wasn’t my fault!” said Joe.

“So, how’d it happen?” said Bri.

“Well, when my nurse came into the room screaming a weird goblin creature came through the doorway. I grabbed my sword and knocked it the ground when a man began to laugh behind me. He said ‘You are some prince, with those kinds of skills you could definitely stop me’.” said Joe.

“Then what? When did you turn all cute and cuddly?” said Bri.

“What? You didn’t think I was cute and cuddly before?” said Joe.

“Just continue the story.” Said Bri.

“Okay, when I lifted my sword he lifted his hand and shocked me. I awoke on the ground and was thrown out the window. I then landed on Dewy over there and we began our journey.” said Joe.

“Wow… hey! Dewy’s awake!” said Bri.

Hey! Where am I? Joe? Hey!! I am talking to you!!!

Dewy was speaking, but not out loud.

“Hey, are you okay? Can’t you speak?” said Joe. Dewy shook his head.

“Well, I am not sure what is going on,” said Bri, “did you guys hear that?”

There was a loud explosion, and then another. The explosions got louder and closer until the house blew apart. A monster appeared that was at least 50 feet tall. Bri and Joe were lying on the ground as Dewy grabbed his sword. The monster pulled out an ax and began to slam it on the ground around Dewy. Dewy dodged each one and eventually jumped onto the handle of the ax. He ran up the handle and climbed to the monsters hand.

Take this!

The sword began to glow with light when Dewy stuck the sword in the monsters hand. The monster began to turn to dusk and Dewy fell to the ground. The sword stuck into the ground and grew brighter until a flash of light came from the sword. Dewy opened his eyes to find himself in a temple room. There was a pedestal that was shined on by one window, and no doors. The sword was on the ground and Dewy got up as he picked it up.

What is going on?